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Acronym References External links Category:Automotive software Category:Automotive software development companiesQ: C++ - std::vector push_back giving strange character I am trying to push_back an array of objects into a std::vector and I have had some strange behavior. When I push_back a character the vector successfully pushes this back but when it is an array of objects it gives a strange character. What I would like to achieve is to push_back a 1D array into the vector. Here is the code: #include struct Element { Element(char c) : char_array(c) {} char char_array[8]; }; void push_back(std::vector & v) { Element element(v.size()); v.push_back(element); } int main() { std::vector v; v.push_back(Element('1')); std::cout



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Cummins INSITE 8.0.2 Multilanguage carefri

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